Sunday, July 12, 2009

Windows Storage Server 2008

Yesterday I replaced my FreeNAS with Windows Storage Server 2008. While FreeNAS is a great piece of software I finally realised it just wasn't for me, mainly because I am more comfortable within a Windows environment but there were some fairly big issues such as:

1. No JVM (You would have to install Diablo on FreeNAS if you wanted one and I like to stick with Sun's JVM). I do alot of Java development and really want to customise my Storage server with custom tools.

2. Bit Torrent client - Transmission is the default client and it seemed to prove a headache for many if wanting to update it. Most people just waited for the FreeNAS update which usually ships with the latest version. I wanted uTorrent back as it is by far the most lightweight, feature packed and fastest BT client I have ever used. Tranmission would only give me download speeds of around 3.5MBps but uTorrent is able to max my line at 6MBps.

Oh, and one more thing, I was quite surprised when I first booted Windows Storage Server 2008 to see that if was prompting me for credentials when I have never supplied any. The default password is "wSS2008!"


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Are you able to run standard windows programs on Windows Storage Server?

(I'm looking to run things like Mediamonkey and a JVM and also Intelli-J)