Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adam Boulton's Java HSBC API - No, not the payment gateway!

So, I have finally got round to setting up the HSBC Java API (some of you may remember my posts from months back mentioning my personal project I was working on HSBC Bank account aggregation). Writing this API has been a personal project of mine which has been on and off for a while now due to other committments. The idea behind this API is that it easily allows you to access your UK HSBC accounts and transaction history. I have so far found it useful for tracking my expenditure (by grouping transactions) and using it for notifications about the most recent transaction to be processed on my account. I am sure many developers will find this project interesting and will find many interesting ways to incorporate it into their applications.

I have finally started a Google code project......

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simonjtaylor212 said...

Hello Adam,

This is an interesting project! I have a question... Are you accessing HSBC through some kind of API HSBC have? Or are you parsing the website?