Thursday, April 9, 2009

Security Assessing Java RMI Slides

There has been alot of interest lately in RMI security and people trying to hunt down my slides from the presentation I did at OWASP. The slides can be found here.

The original presentation can be found:


Technocrat said...

Hey Adam, do you know if Corsaire still plans to release the PoC RMI Assessment tools?

Seems like it would be very helpful to the security community as a whole.

Unknown said...

Hi Adam,
I enjoyed while reading your presentation. Good job!
I'd also like to have a look at your code. Is it Corsaire's or yours?
As Technocrat said, this would be beneficial to everyone in the security field.

Juraj Bednar said...
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Juraj Bednar said...


any news about releasing RMI Spy security assessement tools?