Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Orange SMS API

So you own an account with Orange and you want to have the ability to send SMS using your Orange credit which you have already paid for on your monthly contract? Well I certainly did, and the API works identically to the T-Mobile API which I developed. So here is an example of how you would use my Java API to send an SMS through the Orange network:

Orange orange= new Orange("username", "password");
orange.sendSMS("01234567890", "Hello World!");

I have found this particularly useful as it has allowed me to load balance the sending of SMS through either the T-Mobile or Orange network. Due to both of the classes which now implement the "MobileNetwork" interface means you can program to the interface not the implementation. Now being able to utilise two separate GSM networks also improves the stability of all the applications I develop which require SMS communication. Please feel free to contact me via email if you feel this is something of interest to you.

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