Thursday, July 30, 2009

T-Mobile API

I currently have a mobile account with T-Mobile, who give me a generous £200 worth of credit each month for £20. It is actually quite difficult to take advantage of all the credit, I usually only utilise about £100 a month of it. So I decided to take advantage of it by writing a Java API for accessing and using certain features of my T-Mobile account. I have been using my T-Mobile API in my software, such as the HSBC bot to deliver updates to myself. Using my T-Mobile API is extremely easy, here is a taster.....

TMobile tmobile = new TMobile("username", "password");
tmobile.sendSMS("01234567890", "Hello World!");

In order to use this API you must have an account with T-Mobile ( and the ability to send web texts from your account. This API is reliable and stable. It is ideal for utilising it for desktop and web applications. If you would like access to this codebase please contact me via email.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Windows Storage Server 2008

Yesterday I replaced my FreeNAS with Windows Storage Server 2008. While FreeNAS is a great piece of software I finally realised it just wasn't for me, mainly because I am more comfortable within a Windows environment but there were some fairly big issues such as:

1. No JVM (You would have to install Diablo on FreeNAS if you wanted one and I like to stick with Sun's JVM). I do alot of Java development and really want to customise my Storage server with custom tools.

2. Bit Torrent client - Transmission is the default client and it seemed to prove a headache for many if wanting to update it. Most people just waited for the FreeNAS update which usually ships with the latest version. I wanted uTorrent back as it is by far the most lightweight, feature packed and fastest BT client I have ever used. Tranmission would only give me download speeds of around 3.5MBps but uTorrent is able to max my line at 6MBps.

Oh, and one more thing, I was quite surprised when I first booted Windows Storage Server 2008 to see that if was prompting me for credentials when I have never supplied any. The default password is "wSS2008!"