Saturday, August 16, 2008

Breaking the bank

My new paper has finally been released after weeks of intense peer reviews. This paper draws attention to how the use of common programming APIs and practices could lead to flaws in the processing of numeric data, which could allow attackers to manipulate the outcome of transactions or otherwise interfere with the accuracy of calculations. It discusses the technical vulnerabilities typically observed in both the validation and processing of numeric data that could expose an organisation to unmanaged risk. It is intended for a technically literate audience involved in developing or testing financial applications, and to provide technical insight to those responsible for their management. The vulnerabilities are presented with source code examples, suggestions on how to identify the flaws during the testing phases and recommendations for mitigating the risk.

A colleague and good friend of mine, Daniel Cuthbert, has presented parts of the research at OWASP NYC 2008, the video is available here.


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Elliot said...

The link to the paper is broken.